Whether this is your first time as an expat or you are already a seasoned traveler, the Matrix Relocations team will make you feel at home the easy way.
Resolving questions and providing solutions is our specialty. So, leave the problem solving to us.

Matrix Relocations

At Matrix Relocations, we will be your personal assistant and work hand in hand with you to assure that the focus is on your new project and not on trying to resolve those personal issues that get multiplied with an overseas relocation.


We provide:

  • National and international removals and relocations.
  • Temporary housing and long term accommodation.
  • Immigration and official documentation services.
  • Cultural coaching.
  • Legal and tax advice.
  • Language services.
  • Pet services.
  • Furniture rentals.
  • In home and personal assistance.


Is there something you don’t see on our list? Give us a call, Matrix Relocations is your multi service relocations provider.

Your Relocation Team

The Matrix Relocations team has been successfully relocating families and individuals to, from and within Spain for more than a decade.


We are a group of multilingual professionals and have the advantage of knowing what you need when living abroad. Every employee at Matrix Relocations has personally experienced at least one international relocation themselves and has the local knowledge you need to ensure that every detail is efficiently looked after.


  • We will deal with immigration/official authorities on your behalf.
  • Find a home in record time.
  • Get the children settled in the ideal school.
  • Solve unexpected and unplanned family needs.
  • Assist the accompanying spouse feel at home.


And once the international assignment is over, we will help with all the exit services needed to assure a seamless transition to their next destination.


Matrix Relocations continues to grow while successfully reaching our goal: assuring that our clients experience of international mobility is easy and stress free.

Let us be your personal assistant!

If you are already living in Spain, we can help you with internet connection at home, to validate your driver’s license, health, home or car insurance, medical visits, home alarm connection, organize a visit to the vets, or just want orientation to familiarize yourself with your new neighbourhood.


Matrix Relocations can help you complete those missing pieces and help you feel comfortable in your new environment.  We will help you manage the stress of moving to another country. Even if this isn’t your first move overseas, we can help you feel more integrated.


So, shake off that “visitor” feeling and start enjoying your adventure in a new country.

Official Documentation

Are you aware of what documents and formalities do you need to complete when you are living in Spain?


Matrix will give you the answer!


Dealing with the Spanish authorities can be a hard job, if you are not familiar with the system and the language. Matrix personal assistants can represent you and follow all the time-consuming procedures necessary to validate your driver’s license, obtain your Social Security cards, open a resident bank account, formalize the Town Hall registration, actualize the data of your resident registration, complete yearly rental taxes, Social Security Contribution certificate, request motorways toll bar paying system or help with car registration of a non-Spanish car.

Are you looking for Shared accommodation?

 Planning on studying or an internship in Spain?


We can help you make the most of it! Enjoy your experience in a new country, problem free.


Being an international student just got easier! We can help you find an ideal apartment to share, take care of the contract, help you get a WIFI connection, purchase a cell, give you a personalized tour through your new neighborhood, put you in touch with other students and even help you navigate Madrid´s extensive public transportation system so you can get around the city quickly and inexpensively.


With those small details cleared up right from the start, you can begin your time abroad ahead of the game! 


Our special rates for students will surprise you!

Experience Spanish Culture

Master culture understanding and really enjoy your new adventure in Spain while tasting fantastic Spanish wines, visit charming villages and areas around or have breakfast with the best “chocolate con churros” in town!!


Often a person is chosen for overseas assignment due to the skills and accomplishments that have achieved in their native country. At times believing that what works at home works everywhere, this is not always the case.


We prepare you to acquire confidence to deal naturally with daily life at work and home and speed the transition process, by taking part in different activities and sharing your experience with others.